Interrobang Turns Two!

InterrobangIs2 640px2

Interrobang is 2 years old!
It's been an exciting two years. We've designed homes in the Hoover Building and hovering over car parks. We've refurbished 1960s maisonettes and Victorian Coach Houses. We've designed bridges in all manner of materials from pink marble to 3D-printed steel. We've built a wall out of spacer blocks, a floor out of impossibly thin stone, and devised a colour scheme according to insulation that was featured in Dezeen. We even designed a new stone CAD hatch and made it into a t-shirt.

We're now looking forward to building our recently approved new house on Stories Mews, to getting stuck into the transformation of the derelict art deco cinema into Hackney Arts Centre, and of course to unveiling the restored II* listed Hoover Building.

The skeuomorphic drawing board is also home to some unusual bridges, prototypes of thermoformed Corian, unlocking tricky sites for housing, and a collaborative workspace that's looking to do it's bit for food security.