Super Models tickets go on sale

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Interrobang Director Maria Smith is Creative Director of this year's Guerrilla Tactics, a RIBA conference for small to medium sized practices. This year's event Super Models focuses on the potential that business models have to dynamically transform practice. Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite.

Read Maria's RIBAJ article on architects' business literacy here: We Can Do Business.

About the conference: "A business model describes the relationship between a company, its customers and the products or services it provides, and how this value is captured and monetised. When an entrepreneur is asked what their business model is, they are effectively being asked how they expect to make money.

The spotlight on business models is particularly beneficial for architects. Over the years, the architectural profession has seen its slice of consultancy fees steadily diminish. This begs the question as to whether the established, and largely uncontested, way of a practice earning revenue, in which a fee or percentage of construction costs is paid in exchange for a bespoke design solution to the client remains the best and only way of doing business.

A close look at alternative business models beg a whole range of questions as to how we might consider doing things differently: Should we be engaging with different types of clients and providing a more diverse range of services? Should we also be creating innovative products and even seeking out an alternative client base?"