Suspension of Disbelief

Tags: arts, exhibition, concrete, steel, surprise, timber, temporary

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Suspension of Disbelief Interrobang birds eye view render
Suspension of Disbelief Interrobang night render

The Maypole is a structure designed to sit outside St Mary le Strand at the Aldwych which was shortlisted for The London Festival of Architecture's 'Modern Maypole' competition. The design uses widely available materials in standard sizes: Oak glulam, fibreglass poles, stainless steel. The tall structure is stabilised by pieces of precast concrete that sit on top of its steel base with no foundations below ground. It is designed to be robust, straightforward to fabricate and completely demountable, allowing it to be stored or re-erected elsewhere in the future. 

Sixteen different colours of fibreglass rod are interwoven to form the mesh at the centre of the Maypole. Each colour represents a type of organisation which inhabits the Northbank area and contributes to its unique makeup: Arts Institutions, Cafes, Embassies, Hotels and Theatres amongst many others. The coloured rods are reminiscent of traditional Maypole ribbons however they form a lightweight compression net supporting a floating pole above.