Mitcham Market Canopy

Tags: community, steel, new build

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Mitcham Market Canopy Render Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Carpet Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Render 2 Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Axonometric View Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Interior View Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Sketch Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Exploded Components Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Detail Sketch Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Panel Interrobang
Mitcham Market Canopy Market Stalls Interrobang

This canopy is designed for Mitcham Market in South London, close to the factory of William Morris. The design seeks to take motifs from William Morris carpet designs and use them structurally.

A series of portal frames form the primary structure. The curls and loops taken from the Morris patterns act as bracing and ‘buds’ form the fixing points for the polycarbonate roofing. The canopy is set out to accommodate a 10 foot grid of standard market stalls. For ease of construction the frame is designed as a series of panels which could be pre-fabricated and assembled on site, allowing the curves of the pattern to be welded into place. The structural columns are formed from back to back angle sections that could be easily bolted together as the frame was assembled. To reconcile the imperial market stall grid and standard widths of the polycarbonate, the roofing is laid at an angle. The design had to negotiate a number of factors including the two grids, the maximum distance between fixing points for the polycarbonate, ensuring any need for additional bracing was designed out, and maintaining a loyalty to the William Morris pattern. Foreshadowing our transdisciplinary future, the design of the pattern was a very close collaboration between architects and engineers.

This project was designed by Maria and colleagues at Studio Weave in collaboration with Webb Yates Engineers when Interrobang was still just a twinkle in our eyes.