The Great Frog

Tags: retail, refurbishment

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The Great Frog - Interrobang - Street Photograph
The Great Frog Interrobang Floor Plans
The Great Frog - Interrobang - View through internal window
The Great Frog - Interrobang - View from courtyard onto staircase
The Great Frog Interrobang Fourth Rate Georgian House
The Great Frog Interrobang Skull Ring

Family-owned company, The Great Frog, has been producing iconic handmade jewellery out of their Soho headquarters since 1972.

The brand has seen expansion over the years – with stores in New York and Los Angeles, as well as concessions with Dover Street Market in Japan, New York and London – and now the growing brand is looking to redevelop its flagship Soho store. 

The shop occupies the entirety of 10 Ganton Street, an early C18th fourth rate Georgian house in the heart of the Carnaby street neighbourhood. In the 19th century the houses in this quarter were converted to shops on ground floor with additional entrances to the upper storeys. surrounded by high-street brands and fashion pop-ups, The Great Frog is now a rare example of this traditional mixed-use in Soho, where fabrication, sales, and office space are combined into one premises.

Basement workshops will receive upgrades to building services including mains gas and improved ventilation. The existing building will be structurally stabilised and restored including stiffening joists and levelling floors. The Rear courtyard will be converted into additional retail space by lowering the floor level and adding a structural glass roof.

The new plan configuration applies geometry found in a first-rate Georgian plan as a method of concealing the new stair and making connections between the main retail space and the new courtyard. Linings and built-in joinery act as a new layer that stitches old to new.

The reworking of The Great Frog will seek to reveal and restore the listed fabric of 10 Ganton street in the spirit of a living museum, celebrating both the history of the building and its long-standing tenant. The worked and warn nature of the historic building fabric makes a perfect host for the hand crafted macabre of The Great Frog collection.